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Welcome to the Horseheath Nutrition website for Horse Health, Performance and Condition. 

Following the success of TurmerGold™ a similar product TurmerDog™ been developed to provide nutritional support to help your dog maintain healthy joints and unrestricted movement.

Gravenhorse Feeds supplies primarily the Horseheath Range of Equine Nutrition Products plus such complementary feeds & supplements that may be required to provide you with a comprehensive service.  Besides your horse(es) feeds can be supplied most other popular species.

  • The Horseheath Range is suitable for almost all horses, ranging from native ponies right through to breeding, sport and show horses.
  • Excellent for hunting, driving, endurance, eventing, dressage, polo, s/j, racing, breeding, leisure riding,/resting and convalescing.
  • The products are manufactured as far as possible with natural ingredients.  However some synthetic products (e.g.vitamins) are used where essential to obtain a fully balanced healthy diet. 
  • By-products such as oat feed, wheat-feed etc are also used as required for the same purpose.  When natural alternatives are not available, synthetic vitamins etc are used to ensure optimum health and efficacy.
  • Expert advice is available to help you keep your horse as healthy & fit as possible – free to customers (actual and potential) – from Cambridge University trained nutritionist with over 30 years’ experience.
  • If your horse is experiencing diet-related problems on-line advice can be obtained by submitting the  Nutrition Enquiry Form or by ‘phoning 0344 8844 850 or 07807 47 94 95
  • Competitive prices – quantity discounts available.

From Sarah Pickford via Facebook:

‘We started feeding our horses Gravenhorse Feed products and we haven’t looked back! They have never looked in better health, and all have just the right energy levels required. Thanks, John.’

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