Feeding Guide

Horse Activity

Recommended Products


Horseheath AntiLam™ or chaff/alfalfa/dried grass/soaked beet pulp plus cheap high-fibre nuts or mix or small amount of balancer e.g Eas-E Balancer or Acceler>8 or supplement such as Hors-E-Vit

Convalescing/Box rest 

As above – but prefer AntiLam™ if horse has suffered gut problems. Also magnesium oxide if horse is stressed.

Ditto – poor condition

As above, but add some Full-Fat Soya; also Cooked Linseed for older horses or those having (had) gut problems; alternatively, LinGold™

Hacking/Light Work

As for resting horse, but increase quantities if required or BodyBuilda™ if not a good-doer.

Speed Work e.g. S/J, Fast Driving, Racing, Polo etc…

Competition Mix or BodyBuilda™ as base feed plus Acceler>8™, LinGold™, Cod liver oil, Cooked Linseed, Full-Fat Soya, rolled oats, Hors-E-Vit, electrolytes, as required.

Hunting, Eventing, Slower Draft Work, Dressage, Riding School, Showing, Cross-country, Endurance etc

BodyBuilda™  or AntiLam™ for good doers (or cheap nuts or mix  and long fibre). Also add Full-Fat Soya or Acceler>8 or LinGold™ if under weight. Soya or linseed oil for coat gloss and extra slow release energy.

Breeding Stock Diets

Horseheath nutrition products have been used for many years by a number of very successful horse and pony breeders in the Beds/Herts/Bucks. Although not originally formulated for the purpose, a number of customers have found BodyBuilda™ to provide highly effective base feeds for their breeding stock.

Stud: Horses e.g. T/B, Warmbloods, Draft Breeds etc

Stud Mix or BodyBuilda™ and Hors-E-Vit for last 2-3 months of pregnancy & during lactation.

Stud: Ponies

Stud Mix (with caution – may be too rich for some); or BodyBuilda™ and Hors-E-Vit, for last 2-3 months of pregnancy (native breeds).

Stud: Stallions – working

Stud Mix or BodyBuilda™ or whatever you can get them to eat!

Stud: Foals

Stud Mix or BodyBuilda™ and Acceler>8™ pre and post weaning.


BodyBuilda™ and Hors-E-Vit™.


BodyBuilda ™; or if condition good, a cheap nut or mix, with chaff or chopped alfalfa or dried grass and a little mineral/vitamin supplement if necessary.

Veterans (including those with poor teeth)

The temptation has been resisted to put a standard product into a bag and give it a fancy name and higher price. You will find BodyBuilda™ very effective in maintaining the older horse’s condition. If teeth are a problem, feed BodyBuilda™ with generous amounts of soaked sugar beet and extra chaff. This combination has kept several toothless geriatric ponies alive and in good condition for a number of years (see Emma Chamberlain testimonial). Cooked LinseedLinGold™ or Full-Fat Soya may also be required for condition. Healthy joints & flexibility can be maintained with  LinGold™ Mobility or TurmerGold 

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