Equine Gut Conditioning Supplement

  • Blend of herbs with powerful soothing properties, (e.g Slippery Elm , Chamomile, & Licquorice root powders) nucleotide-rich pre-biotics, yeast, cooked linseed meal and natural vitamin E (1000 iu/kg).
  • Encourages mucus production in the gut, to protect the wall against acid attack.
  • Pre-biotics and yeast optimise the hind-gut microbial population, supporting those responsible for fibre fermentation & and improving overall digestion of nutrients and gut stability.
  • Anti-oxidant and anti-inflammatory ingredients (including vitamin E and Omega-3 oil) to maintain healthy gut tissue.
  • Nucleotides – essential for DNA and RNA so aids tissue growth and regeneration.

Feeding Information
Mix thoroughly with existing hard feed – include long fibre e.g. (molassed) chaff, chopped alfalfa.
Moistening feed is recommended; ensure clean fresh water available ad-lib.
Daily Usage: Horses 50 – 100gm; Ponies 25 – 50gm.
Measuring: A 50ml scoop holds 22gm.

A 950g pack is sufficient for a horse for 10 – 20 days.
Pricing Information.
Recommended Retail price £35/950g

Quantity discounts apply..

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