Rich in Natural Vitamin E.

Hors-E-Vit™ is a highly palatable fully balanced broad-spectrum   supplement providing the minerals and vitamins necessary for good health & optimum performance for all classes of equines. Contains natural vitamin E (4x more effective than synthetic E) (Pagan et al. 1996).

Feeding Information.
USAGE: with straight feeds –
Heavy horse – weighing approximately 700 kg: 75 – 150 gm per day.
Average horse – weighing approximately 500 kg: 40 – 100 gm per day.
Pony – weighing approximately 350 kg – 20 – 50 gm per day.
Amounts fed will vary in proportion to workload & individual animal’s requirements.

Reduce by approximately half the above rates for horses & ponies receiving substantial amounts of compound feed e.g. nuts or coarse mix.

Measuring – a 25 ml level scoop holds approx. 35 gm.

Mix thoroughly with feed. Ensure clean water is available.
Large batch mixing – add up to 3% of finished feed.
Ensure thorough mixing.

Ex-works Prices – delivery charges will apply

1.9kg bag £7.95
4.9kg bag £17.00
9.5kg bag £29.00
20.0kg bag £45.00

Tubs can be ordered if required – see order page for sizes & prices


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