Horseheath Hoof Hardener™

Biotin / Methionine / Zinc Hoof Strengthening Supplement
Biotin:- 750mg/kg.
As its name implies, this product will build and maintain strong healthy hooves. It should be fed in conjunction with some Hors-E-Vit” if your horse is not receiving any compound feed or balancer with normal mineral & vitamin supplementation.


Feeding Information.
Add to daily feed;
Ponies  –         15gm/day.
Horses  –         30gm/day.
Heavy Horse –   40gm/day.
A 25ml measure holds 15gm.
Ensure clean fresh water available ad-lib. 


Ex- works Prices – delivery charges will apply:

Hoof Hardener 1.9kg – £11.00.
Hoof Hardener 4.9kg -£24.00.
Hoof Hardener 9.5kg -£40.00.Tubs available if required –  see order page.

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