Maintaining Healthy Joints & Mobility

Horses, like dogs, humans, and most other animal species, will, as they age, start to experience wear of the cartilage which lines the various joints.  Horseheath Nutrition has developed 5 products to maintain healthy joints & unrestricted mobility:

1. LinGold Mobility™ – based on cooked linseed meal, with seaweed meal, brewers yeast and rosehip powder. It relies for its effect on the properties of the omega-3 oil in the linseed meal, the polyphenols, anthocyanins, natural Vitamin C etc, in the rosehip & various minerals etc in the seaweed meal.

2. TurmerGold™ – also includes cooked linseed meal; the primary ingredient is turmeric root powder. The principal active ingredient is curcumin; it is not water-soluble however, so vegetable oil is included to aid its dispersion through the gut contents, & passage though the gut wall into the bloodstream. This process is further assisted by piperine, a constituent of the black pepper which is also included. MSM & Glucosamine & Vitamin C are nutrients essential for the maintenance of cartilage.

3. TurmerDog™  similar to Turmergold – salmon oil replaces rapeseed oil & chondroitin is included.

4. BosFleks™ – this is based on a blend of Boswellia serrata, linseed, ginger & rosehip  plus glucosamine & MSM.

5. Glucosa-vite™  is a blend of MSM, Glucosamine & Vitamin C. This product is particularly suited to more mature horses, to maintain healthy cartilage.