Highly versatile product for control, condition, stamina, breeding and developing.
Ideal as base feed for most sport and show horses, used by leading breeders.

  • Chaff-based mix with substantial levels of protein and energy. Principal ingredients are maize, peas, soya, cooked linseed, oat chaff, low-sugar molasses, and mineral and vitamin supplements .
  • High-quality protein used in this mix makes it particularly suitable for restoring condition to horses which have lost excessive weight. Extreme cases may also require additional Full-Fat Soya, cooked linseed or LinGold™.
  • Part of the energy source is oil-based, which leads to a slow release. This makes BodyBuilda™ very suitable for horses using lots of energy over long periods e.g. in riding schools, trekking, eventing, show-jumping, dressage, cross-country, endurance, driving and draft work.
  • The absence of oats by and large ensures that such horses do not get too ‘fizzy’, yet are able to cope with their workload, and retain condition. 
  • Relatively high levels of minerals and vitamins are included; this enables BodyBuilda™ to meet the higher requirements of both developing youngsters and veterans alike. A number of stud customers use this product as their main base feed.
  • Minerals include magnesium oxide – magnesium is involved in energy and other metabolic processes, and is the chief ingredient in most proprietary calmers.
  • Cooked linseed is rich in Omega 3 oil, in particular helping to maintain  healthy joints, gut, skin and coat.
  • Protein – 12.5%; energy -11.2 MJ/kg.

Pricing Information:

  • From £9.00/kg ex. works. Approximately £10.00 – £12.00/kg delivered.

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    Body Builda Clear Bag BB 250X300BodyBuilda Heap BB 400X300

Sue Parkinson, Cheddington:

‘Here’s the photo of Sinatra as a weanling – not quite what I’d expected, he was a scrawny and scruffy little boy! When he arrived, I was a bit concerned that he wouldn’t grow up quite correct. He needed the farrier and the trip had taken its toll. He seemed quite a weak foal. He started on BodyBuilda straight away and soon blossomed. He’s grown consistently, has a superb coat and even temperament and has never given me a moment’s worry since. He passed his stallion inspection in October, at 2 years and 5 months old, with flying colours and is maturing into a super little horse.’

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