Eas-E Balancer ™

Eas-E Balancer ™ is a nutrient dense product for horses requiring a minimal starch & sugar diet, together with a very high Natural Vitamin E Content.
It  is extremely difficult to formulate a totally starch & sugar-free diet using commercially available raw materials .  This product has a starch content of under 5%.


Simple & Eas – E to use – simply add it to a scoop or so of your preferred long fibre –  chopped alfalfa, alfalfa/oat straw blend, un- or low-sugar molassed chaff, chopped hay or dried grass.

Linseed/soya based Balancer/Performance Supplement with Minimal Starch & sugars; High-Protein & Oil content for optimum Condition & Performance.

Live Yeast for optimum hind gut function; it supports the fibre-digesting microbes & maintains healthy droppings, when for example there is a starch/sugar overload or a change to haylage or spring grass.

Mineral  & Vitamin Supplements to support the miriad of metabolic functions essential to good health & performance, including vitamins A; C; D3; E; B-group; Folic Acid; Biotin; minerals – Calcium, Phosphorous, Salt; Trace elements including Selenium,Copper, Zinc, Iron, Cobalt Manganese etc.

Typical analysis:
Protein 26%; Oil 15% ,
Natural Vitamin E 2000 IU/kg (Equivalent to 8000 IU of synthetic E);
Calculated Digestible Energy  18MJ/kg ( A typical Competition  Mix is 12 – 13 MJ/Kg}.
Eas-E-Balancer 2 BB 300X400          Eas-E Balancer Contents_300X400
Horses and ponies in work will  usually require a high-density feed to provide the nutrients essential for performance. Many products available commercially have a high cereal content, rich in starch & possibly sugar. Eas – E – Balancer™  fed with Horseheath  AntiLam™  or other chaff-based high fibre feed provides a safe and effective alternative.                     

                          A HORSEHEATH NUTRITION Product.

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