LinGold™ Mobility


Linseed based supplement for veteran health and vitality. Also contains Brewer’s Yeast, seaweed and ‘rosehip powder’.

  • Rosehip and linseed oil have powerful soothing properties and help maintain supple joints.
  • Linseed and Brewer’s Yeast are rich in essential amino-acids, and nucleotides for restoring and maintaining lost muscle.  They also help optimise gut function. Brewer’s Yeast is rich in B-vitamins.
  • Linseed oil gives slow-release energy and glossy coat.
  • Very low starch – safe to feed to  convalescents,  veterans, and others sensitive to excessive soluble carbohydrates.
  • Seaweed provides a useful range of minerals and vitamins, contributing to the health and well-being of your horse.
  • Feed horses up to 500 gms/day; ponies, 250 gms. Do not feed to mares in last 4 months of pregnancy – has high iodine content.

Pricing Information:

  • 20kg from £54.00 Approximately £58.00 – £63.00 delivered.
  • 10kg from £29.50 Approximately £32.00 – £37.00 delivered.
  • A trial pack is £7.00 plus carriage, if posted.

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lingold-mobility-picL BB

Golden Harvest, aka “Harvey” –  a 29 year old, 14.2 pony owned by Regan Whillet, ridden by Zoe Smith, jumping 135cm on his way to HOYS.

His feed was alfalfa and Horseheath Competition Mix, BodyBuilda™ and LinGold Mobility™.

From Peter Smith:

‘He was rather lean when we got him but has gradually filled out nicely.’

Harvey retired at the end of 2013 and sadly had to be put down on 23/11/14 R.I.P.

Watch Harvey’s video here

From Sue Sawyer, Pednor Equestrian:

Silly old mare is galloping round like a lunatic!”

From Gareth and Kelly Roberts, Stags End E.C., Hemel Hempstead, placed 3rd Scurry Championship, HOYS 2017:

We also have a livery’s 35 year old ex-racehorse – TurmerGold and LinGold Mobility™ have transformed him – he now gallops round like a two year old.’ 

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