Specialist Supplements


Delivered with feed orders, or by post or carrier, depending on weight or can be shipped with products, such as Acceler>8™ , Lingold™ , Linseed and Soya.

  • Live Yeast – excellent for optimising hind gut function and improves feed digestibility.
  • Brewer’s Yeast – a source of oligosaccharides, which line the gut wall & help to keep it healthy. It also supplies nucleiotides, involved in cell growth.
  • Bung-Upp™  is a blend of charcoal, brewers’ yeast & live yeast (Yea-Sacc®) , to optimise hind-gut function & stability & maintain firm droppings. Click for more information
  • Magnesium Oxide (Calmag) – the principal ingredient in most proprietary calmers.
  • EquiChar™ (granular charcoal) – a traditional remedy used to maintain healthy droppings.  
  • The Greenstufff™ – is a blend of herbs, pre-&-pro-biotics, essential amino-acids & vitamins, formulated to support & protect the gut wall, from the stomach through to the hind-gut.   Click for more information.
  • Vitamin E 50,000 International Units/kg, natural form – 4x more effective than synthetic. It is essential for many metabolic processes involved in reproduction, growth & energy metabolism etc. etc.
  • Seaweed Meal – traditional mineral/vitamin supplement and tonic.
  • Hors-E-Vit™ supplement providing minerals and vitamins necessary for good health & optimum performance. Contains natural vitamin E (4x more effective than synthetic E) (Pagan et al. 1996)  Click for more information.
  • Horseheath Hoof Hardener is a  Biotin-Methionine-Zinc Hoof supplement – as its name implies, for strong healthy hooves. It should be fed in conjunction with Hors-E-Vit™ if your horse is not receiving any compound feed or balancer with normal supplementation. Click for more information.
  • Limestone – natural source of calcium – essential for strong bones and various metabolic processes.
  • Nettle – supports healthy skin. 
  • Cleavers –  used together with Nettle
  • Rosehip powder –  aids joint mobility.
  • Turmeric powder – minimum 3% curcumin. From £4.80/kg plus carriage.
  • Coarse ground black pepper.
  • MSM – methyl sulphonyl methane. Essential nutrient providing nutritional support for cartilage & other connective tissue.  From £7.00/kg plus carriage.
  • Glucosamine –  works in conjunction with MSM above.  From £25/kg plus carriage.
  • Glucosa-Vite™  blend of Glucosamine MSM & Vitamin C. Provides nutrients essential for maintaining healthy joints. From £16.50/kg plus carriage. Click for more information.
  • Milk thistle powder; a herb providing nutritional support for the hooves and liver –  for which it is recommended by vets.
  • Chamomile powder is used to calm over-excited horses and optimise digestive system function. It is another herb with a powerful soothing action.

Gravenhorse can also obtain a wide range of other supplements and minerals, as well as other manufacturers’ products (Baileys, Dodsons’, Spillers’ etc) and can arrange high quality supplies of forage and bedding, including Haylage, various sizes and grades. Visit Mark Cooper’s website or contact us for more information.

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