Ready-to-use! No messy mixing!

Turmeric and Linseed feed
supplement, with black
pepper, MSM and glucosamine
optimum mobility and joint flexibility. Beneficial to skin and coat and also helps maintain general good health.

  • Combines the powerful soothing and anti-oxidant properties  of turmeric and micronised (cooked) Linseed Meal.
  • Contains glucosamine and MSM to assist in the maintenance of cartilage and other connective tissue.
  • Coarse ground black pepper and vegetable oil (rapeseed) are included to improve the digestibility of the curcumin etc.
  • Added natural vitamin E (x4 more effective than synthetic – pagan et al. 1995) 50 I.U./Kg –  for general health.
  • Typical analysis: protein 12%; oil 24% (Omega-3: 12% Omega-6: 4%); Starch <5%
  • Feed horses 50 to 100 gms/day; ponies: 25 –  50 gms/day. Veterinary advice should be obtained before using this product if your horse is on medication of any kind.

Turmeric has long been known to provide considerable health benefits. Turmeric is a perennial shrub that is grown in India and other tropical areas of Asia. It is widely used in Indian cuisine, as well as in traditional Asian health products. Turmeric’s  benefits lie mainly in curcumin, its principal active ingredient, which also gives turmeric its yellow colour and strong flavour. Turmeric is thought to be of benefit to various organs, including the heart, liver, brain, blood and skin.

Pricing Information:

From £4.00/kg ex. works.

Approximately £5.00 – £8.00/kg delivered.

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Tracy Day, Great Barford:

Had lesson with Kim on Tarry. Kim said he looks really good.  Since being on Turmeric he shows more bounce and freedom when playing and mum caught him rolling in the stable. In the time I’ve had him, we have NEVER seen him do that.’

Heather Vaulkhard, Newcastle:

turmergold-heather‘TurmerGold is keeping my 21 year old, veteran ex-racer /hunter going really well. He looks the best he has looked coming out of winter in years. He is flexible, sprightly and happy. Just the other day he was exercising on an indoor cross-country course to give my young ex-racer a lead. I am very happy with this supplement. All my horses are on it now!’

Clare Brennan, Cardyke Cobs, Peterborough:

‘It has aided King’s mobility no end and now he is able to be stabled without the worry he will lock up. One of my mare’s moods have changed no end. She is now sociable and inquisitive and gaining weight rapidly.’

Lorraine Morris, Knebworth:

‘I started giving TurmerGold to my 17 year old, 15.3 hands, Dales X mare last November – it’s taken years off her. She looks very well and moves beautifully.’

Karen Smith, Spalding:

‘Zoe’s noticed that Bono (U2 the 1st’s) jump has improved. He makes a much better shape over his fences and has a nice open canter now. Before he was a bit short and not going forwards properly.’

To see Zoe in action visit her Youtube or Facebook pages. 

From Gareth and Kelly Roberts, Stags End E.C., Hemel Hempstead, placed 3rd Scurry Championship, HOYS 2017:

TurmerGold had worked wonders on our scurry ponies, keeping their joints flexible and healthy, and enabling them to compete successfully at national level. We also have a livery’s 35 year old, ex-racehorse;  TurmerGold and LinGold Mobility™ have transformed him – he now gallops round like a two year old.’ 

From Alison Garner, Toddington:

I cannot recommend this product enough! Gravenhorse have taken away all of the stress of measuring and mixing, and created and easy and quick to use product. Perfect if time is in short supply! My 21 year old  is much more mobile and sound since using this product.’

Jill Endicott, Banbury:

We fed it to a 30 year old pony with very stiff joints He’s shown great improvement.’

Frances Wilson-Barnes, Cadiz, Spain:

Really pleased with the TurmerGold product. It makes feeding Turmeric so much easier and the results have been as good as when I have fed the Turmeric Golden Paste. I was previously making this GP myself, and the TurmerGold has not only saved me money but also all the hassle. No more yellow fingers. In particular, my 30 year old pony is moving really well and loves it! So full marks to Gravenhorse Feeds – I am now making a repeat order!’

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