Here is a sample of the many testimonials and comments received from satisfied customers whose horses have benefited from Horseheath products.

From Helen West, Stevenage:

‘The expert feed advice we are given and the different combinations of feed available are excellent. We receive a totally personal service.’ 

Helen feeds BodyBuilda Original, AntiLam™, Full-Fat Soya and Magnesium Oxide. A few years ago she sent ‘Hi Tone Z’ to Dan Nielsen, where he competed very successfully. More recently, her mare, Vilka B has  performed extremely well under the talented young rider Abbie Squires.

From Kerry Brown:

‘I have now lost count of the number of compliments I have had about the condition of my horses thanks to your feeds – they look like it’s the middle of summer! Both have previously been scrawny in the winter but not now! Thanks so much.’

From  Heather Vaulkhard, Netherton Park Stables, Newcastle:

‘John provides an excellent service. He is very approachable and offers expert advice with regard to equine nutrition.’

From Beverley Brightman, International Dressage Rider:

‘We noticed an improvement within a week of adding Full-Fat Soya… horse stayed calm…’

From Dan Nielson, International Showjumper:

I first experienced Horseheath products when Helen West sent her High Tone Z to Katrina and Jason Moore. We were impressed by the way her horse maintained condition and even temperament on the feeds she supplied… Ungaro is rather sharp – he’s performed his best ever since he’s been on BodyBuilda & EquiBuilda.

From Peter and Zoe Smith, showjumpers: 

‘He was rather lean when we got him but has gradually filled out nicely.’

From Tony Clark – Professional Event Rider:

‘We have quite a number of  competition horses, several of which are prone to weight loss – BodyBuilda is very effective in  maintaining their condition.’

From Sue Parkinson Breeder & Racehorse Owner:

‘He seemed quite a weak foal. He started on BodyBuilda straight away and soon blossomed.’

From Emma Bird, Dressage Specialist:

‘I have a very sharp 6 year old who needed to build muscle and put on weight, previously all weight gaining feeds I tried either made him too hot or had little effect. After a few months of feeding BodyBuilda and Full-Fat Soya I cannot believe the difference. It had no adverse effects on his temperament and he looks like an equine version of Arnold Schwarzenegger.’

From Lisa Cresswell:

‘He recently was placed Reserve Champion-in-hand Veteran at the Sunshine Tour Championship Show at Bookham. The judge couldn’t believe his age and commented on his amazing condition and soundness.’

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